Sd.Kfz 102 (hardsuit concept)

Very inspired by the Maschinen Krieger miniature series and Dragon's Heaven for this piece. I wanted to create a heavier and more agile mech design but still keep all of the same large shapes. I designed the interior myself referencing old MIG-15's and cold war era tanks. The pilot sits in a face-down fetal position with the controls near the feet and chest. This thing would be super uncomfortable to pilot due to the fact that the hatch is right over the user's helm, restricting movement. I imagined this having a synthetic vision system with large peripherals, similar to a curved display.
This project took a long time to finish, simply because I only had weekends and "free time" to work on it. The design phase was very sluggish as well because I was having a difficult time finding what felt right.
I used Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop, and Arnold.